Mirror with frame in shiny-polished untreated solid brass, to fully appreciate the quality and preciousness of the material, also available in Dark Brown or Bamboo green NCS S 3020-G20Y lacquered brass. The mirror is supplied with a beveled perimeter with rounded corners, perfectly following the shape of the frame or without the bevel. Available in two versions, one with a single panel and the other with three panels joined together by means of pin-hinges integrated into the frames and finished down to the finest details. The central panel is fixed to the wall, while the side panels rotate allowing them to be partially or completely open. When the side panels are closed, the mirrors are hidden as in a precious treasure chest, leaving the rear side visible, elegantly refined in matt lacquered glass.

L147  H160
2D 3D
L48  H160
2D 3D
L147  H70
2D 3D
L48  H70
2D 3D
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