Mari Cristal

Series of rectangular dining tables available with the top in 12 mm. tempered transparent extralight glass or in a special and unusual "magic" finish which, depending on the viewing angle, makes the material either transparent or opaque (the top is transparent when looking at it longitudinally, while it is opaque when looked at perpendicularly). As an alternative, the top can be in laminated 6+6 mm glass in unique transparent colours: light pink, light grey or light yellow. The base is composed of two trestles available in mirror-polished stainless steel or painted in a satin bronze finish. These are joined by a beam in 19+19 mm. laminated extralight glass, available in a neutral transparent finish or in the unique transparent coloured finishes of the top.

L200  W80  H72
L200  W90  H72
L220  W80  H72
L220  W90  H72
L250  W90  H72
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