Ollie Console

Console featuring refined and innovative technical and aesthetic-decorative solutions. On the lower surface of the top, in 10+10 mm laminated extra-clear glass top, a curved extra-clear glass with storage function is UV bonded, while on the upper surface a drawer with push-pull opening is attached, covered in glossy lacquered glass. The vertical stand is made of 12+12 mm laminated tempered glass, in extra-clear glass or in Couloured Transparent glass. The top and stand are assembled and disassembled by using a couple of mirror-polished metal plates. The base, equipped with adjustable small feet and removably attached to the vertical stand, is covered in 10mm mirror. The drawer can be mounted with an opening from the front or rear.


- Glossy lacquered glass (for the drawer)

- Extra-clear transparent glass + Coloured transparent glass (for the vertical stand)

L155  W37.5  H92
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