Aladin Wall Duo

ALADIN WALL is a floor to ceiling wall partition with an aluminum structure fixed to floor, ceiling and/or wall. The aluminum structure, available in 5 different finishes, is supplied with an adjustment system to level the wall partition and to compensate on-site irregularities. The wall partition can be integrated with all the Glas Italia models of swing and sliding doors, coordinated in the same or different finishes. (Attention: not all the glass typologies available for the wall partition can be integrated with each door model).

In the ALADIN WALL MONO version a laminated glass panel 5+5 mm thick (or 4+6 mm thick) is applied on one side of the aluminum profiles, so that one side has a flush surface and the other is rebated from the profiles themselves.

In the ALADIN WALL DUO version a double laminated glass 5+5 mm (or 4+6 mm) is applied on both sides of the aluminum profiles, so as to form an internal air chamber and have surfaces perfectly flush on both sides.
The glass is available in a wide range of finishes and it is certified according to the safety regulations ANSI Z97.1 and UNI ENI 2150.

The technical module can be added.

*not all finishes are available for this model, consult the price list.