Collection of low tables, display units, display cases and storage units and sideboards with sides and top in transparent extralight 8 mm. glass. The sides are curved to fit the shape of the top, to which they are attached. The display cases-storage units are supplied with hardware in black anodized aluminium and a shelf. The bases are in solid open pore black lacquered ash and, for the low tables only, they are also available with a flush recessed mirror. The display case-storage units and the sideboards (COR03 -COR04 - COR05 – COR06) have doors, available also in silvered glass, while the low tables have two sliding front parts. With the mirror finish the hinges remain inside the furniture.
L130  W70  H34
L110  W110  H34
L120  W40  H85
L160  W40  H50
L120  W40  H50
L120  W40  H120
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